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Overseas Tour

August 2016 - September 2017

Finally, our long awaited overseas pre-wedding tour has come. In the coming months, we are excited to experience the world with your romantic love stories. Every love story is unique and we treasure the chance to capture yours with our camera in the most beautiful, exotic and mysterious places in the world.


Let’s see what we will bring you!


National park + Winery tour - Final Call

 August 25 - September 9, 2016

Enjoy the best weather of the year in Vancouver. The stunning national parks and winery area in the south will definitely make your pictures shine. I am sure you do not want to miss it!


The Fallen Maple - Last Pair

 November 9 -19, 2016

In this fall, we will bring you into the story of autumn. Walking under the maple tunnel with your lover, enjoying the most tranquil time which belongs to you exclusively.

Enjoy the autumn with us!


Sun of the South

 February 2017

To have a short break and engagement shooting together, why not consider Kenting? Different from your trips before, we will give you a brand new experience here.

See you in February!


Sunrise in Bagan

March 2017

Are you looking for something special?

Myanmar will be your choice! Bathing in the sunrise in the ancient kingdom with your love and let us capture your forever love with our lens. 


Blooming Sakura

March  30 - April 8, 2017

Every April, the whole Japan turns to pink! From the south to the north, it becomes a fairies’ wonderland. What is better than taking your engagement pictures in this ultimate pink storm?

Please do not wait for another year!


an Adventure to the North

July 2017

An unfamiliar name for engagement photo. Yet, apart from circus, Moscow got a lot more to explore! Beautiful castles, historical buildings and stunning nature, Moscow is waiting for you.

Eastern Europe

Poland / Montenegro / Romania

A poetic Story

Early August 2017

" Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway throught." - Wislawa Szymborska

Poet writes and you read, but in this poetic country, everyone becomes an artist and writes their love stories here. Let us record yours with our camera.


The exotic nation

Late  August 2017

In the jungle of stone castles, hot air balloons rise with the sun. The sky is purple, aqua, orange red....I looked at you and I found myself. That moment, that kiss, I know it meant to be forever.

Take me to Tureky.

Western Europe

London / Paris /Barcelona

The origin of romance

Early September 2017

Beautiful but lazy. Arrogant but innocent. Sophisticated but always bringing you freshness. Millions of couples from all around the world come to her every year. She is the origin of romance.

Her name, Paris.

More places are open for suggestion.


What are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and meet us at the airport!

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