Sweet & Tender ; Natural & Timeless

You don’t really need the most expensive gears, nor the most gorgeous outfits, nor the most amazing makeups, for a good picture.


All it takes, is the genuine emotion in it.

Wedding photography captures the greatest beauty of one’s life, because it carries the greatest emotion of all. The moment when we’ve all grown old and look at those pictures of joy and happiness, we will then understand what it truly means by “timeless”.


Sweet and tender, natural and timeless – that’s the way we tell your story.

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- A graduate in Fashion and Textile who gives you professional styling advice


- Specialized in managing the dynamics of sunbeams in his photography.


- Loves to look around the world with his backpacks on


The Chemistry is there between us.


You miss it, you see it;

it comes, it goes,


When it makes our heart react, we call it love.


Life is a big experiment.


The experiment goes on and on,

But some sparks are there only

once in a lifetime.



So why not capture the moments?

— and that’s why our Lab exists.


We look forward to the elements that you bring


our Lab.

@ 2015 by Lukas Chan Photo Lab


Tel/ whatsapp : (852) 5597 5000

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